Digital Studio: $300/hr.

  • Record/Edit/Sync to Picture with Digidesign Pro Tools HD.
  • Includes engineer and phone patch

ADR: $350/hr. - 1 hour minimum, billed in half hour increments after first hour

  • ADR recording Sync to Picture with Boom and Lav mics.
  • Includes setup, engineer, and phone patch

Source connect: $150/hr extra (user IDs: chezboom and chezboom2)


  • recording is $125/hr bulk rate billed after file delivery
  • directing is $300 per finished hour of audiobook, billed after edit is complete


  • rates based on project needs


  • rates based on project needs

Other services/rates:

  • Upload fee for files: $100-$250
  • File Conversions/Uploads: $50-$150
  • Music or SFX searches: $150/hr
  • Prep time (varies depending on project, sometimes this is included in studio rate)
  • Working meals (varies)

We also have access to multiple music libraries and can help you find and edit that perfect piece of music. Email for quotes and examples.


  • We ask for all materials at least 24 hours ahead of time, so the session can be prepped and ready to go.
  • DNxHD 36 is our preferred video codec.
  • Please send all materials to: materials@chezboomaudio.com at last 24 working hours before the session
  • We have a 24 hours cancellation policy, so please let us know before that time if you'd like to cancel or reschedule to avoid billing for the booking.

To book, hold time, or ask a question, email us at hello@chezboomaudio.com!